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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 05:40

ATF interprets the NFA, they can change their interpretation.
It would take an act of Congress to remove them from the NFA.
It makes sense for the ATF to discuss their own role zero rather than the role of any other organizations.

AHistory of Discrimination and Its Consequences – Lesson

How would someone pay the tax on a stolen machine gun?
The tax is to transfer (Form 9) or make (Form 6), and the registry is closed, individuals cannot file a Form 6 to make a machine gun anymore.

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B righton College headteacher Richard Cairns, headmaster of Brighton College said it is hugely important that OCR reassure pupils immediately that they will not be disadvantaged.

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And those kinds of regulations and their over production under the last holder of the Oval Office is something that President Trump is working to cut. MAGA.

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No crime is victimless. At the bare minimum, breaking a law undermines the authority of it which opens the door for contradictory and authoritarian law (like gun control) or ways for criminals to get away with crime. Weed is not a right. If you want to change the law, change it in the FEDERAL level. If states change the law that doesn 8767 t change anything since the higher Federal law still outlaws it and that means they can still be charged

I doubt the BATF has 8775 seen the writing on the wall 8776 because H was that close to winning, and it would have been a totally different attitude over there.

Students will have many questions and concerns about Hurricane Harvey in the coming days. Use this PBS lesson to help you discuss the effects of extreme weather events with your students and helpful media literacy tools when it comes to media coverage of the hurricane. Continue reading

Speaks more to a lack of effectiveness of full auto to criminals, as much as anything. Illegal burp guns in the Crack years faded away, and not only because of ATF action, but the rise of cheap reliable pocket autos like Glock or Lorcin (before it was mostly revolvers on the budget market)

Wouldn 8767 t surprise me if they 8767 ve always made sense internally. This is a *leaked* memo, . not in accordance with whatever BS line they have to toe for an administration. Maybe it was directed by Trump 8767 s Gun Superfriends Council, maybe it was being kept in a vest pocket by this official all along in the event a cooperative president came to power.

The more they roll it back the more irrelevant it becomes. Arguably, it could be seen as frivolous. You 8767 re right, though. With vigilance, the opportunity could be seized to do away with it altogether.

Nah, mad dog 8767 s sincere lack of humor is a sign of the True Believer™ they are out there. He meant everything he said, at least insofar as he wanted them to be true.

If the ATF is this badly jammed up just from processing silencer paperwork, can you imagine how much gridlock the ATF would suffer, if some gun-control advocates got their way to reclassify most of the firearms in the USA as falling under the NFA regulations?

The Harrison Act of 6969 was arguably unconstitutional in the parts where it restricted consumption and domestic production. Congress had the right to ban importation and interstate transport under the commerce clause, but under jurisprudence at the time had no power to regulate intrastate production, sale and consumption. But public opinion then, like now, runs so anti-drug that the Act wasn 8767 t challenged on those grounds. It was successfully challenged relating to doctors prescribing opiates to addicts as the court ruled that Congress has no power to regulate medical practice (imagine that, in these days of FDA tyranny!).

I hope this is legitimate. Don 8767 t think this is a time to rest on our laurels, now is the time to continue to press on and see how much we can get while the getting 8767 s good.

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