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5Methods to Teach Students How to do Research Papers

Date of publication: 2017-08-23 17:40

I cannot leave my readers with the impression that everything my students wrote was wonderful. Struggling writers still struggled. A few did not come close to the desired outcome. Even so, a much higher percentage of students than in previous years turned in a paper at the end of the unit.

Scaffolding Methods for Research Paper Writing

Students may want to use the conclusion section of their paper to point out the similarities and/or discrepancies in their findings. They may also want to suggest that further studies be done on the topic.

Teaching Research Papers

Second, guide students in selecting and analyzing primary and secondary source material. Use in-class activities to teach students: the difference between types of sources and their uses strategies for evaluating a source and its value in a given argument and examples of how to incorporate source material into an argument or other text with proper citation.

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During my instruction, I also had students assist each other by brainstorming both in small groups and as a class potential narrators for each student's selected topic. It was exciting to listen as they discovered the possibilities. The table below gives a small sampling of the ideas students generated during these sessions.

Helen explains her process this way: "Some of the challenges I faced were trying not to say this person got shot and this person did that, when in all reality, one person probably didn't see all of it, especially if it happened in a different room."

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Suddenly a news report I remembered hearing during the time the Wall actually fell came to mind, and I decided to use it as the basis for my story. The report told of an East Berlin woman who made it a point to cross the Wall to meet the West Berlin baker she had seen set up his shop every day from her apartment window for the past twenty-three years. She, I decided, would be the jump-off point for my narrator, and with that I began to write.

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Students also engage higher-order thinking when they consider how point of view impacts our understanding of history. After all, history as it happens affects us all differently, and students can use this method to look beyond the textbook for an in-depth study of world events.

Explain that creating a numbered list of potential themes, taken from different aspects proposed in the literature collected, can be used for analysis.

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