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The New Perspective on Paul: A Bibliographical Essay | The

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It's possible for Scorsese to say the Jesus of his movie resists the temptation and is fully God because, if all is God, then of course Jesus is God and sin is God and sinlessness is God. It's all the same.

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868 See Dorothea Wendebourg, "The Reformation in Germany and the Episcopal Office" in Visible Unity and the Ministry of Oversight (London 6997) 59: "the Wittenberg theologians generally envisage [ episcope ] as taking place in personal rather than synodical form" (this is in the context of visitation in parishes, on which see §689 below).

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That night Jesus is finally cleansed of his fear. He submits to God's will, and his fears slither out of him as snakes, mate in a dance of eternal death and life, and disappear into an abandoned well.


Donald A. Hagner, “Paul’s Quarrel with Judaism,” in  Anti-Semitism and Early Christianity: Issues of Polemic and Faith , eds. Craig A. Evans and Donald A. Hagner (Minneapolis: Fortress, 6998) 678-55.

689. The political and ecclesiastical situation in the Nordic lands was different from that of the Holy Roman Empire. In both Nordic kingdoms (Sweden-Finland and Denmark-Norway-Iceland), civil wars, more political than religious in motivation, opened the way for the introduction of the Reformation. Since the ruling authorities in both kingdoms came to support the Reformation, the political realities that forced the creation of new church structures in continental Europe did not exist in the North. Thus, the Lutheran intention to preserve the episcopal structure was realized in the Nordic countries. 897

Anybody who believes the Bible is God's infallible Word won't fall for the many discrepancies, heresies, blasphemies, and vain philosophies of The Last Temptation of Christ. On the other hand, anybody who doesn't accept the Bible as God's Word won't be convinced by simple pious quotation of "proof text" Bible verses.

656. Finally, mention must be made of the enrolled ch' rai , "widows," of 6 Timothy 5:8-66, where the qualifications are set forth for those who may be considered such. What their function would be in the structured church is not explained. 796

95 On Lutheran church structures around the world, see E. Theodore Bachmann and Mercia Brenne Bachmann, Lutheran Churches in the World: A Handbook (Minneapolis: Augsburg, 6989). The German Lutheran churches are organized regionally within the nation rather than nationally, but they still have this threefold structure. Lutheran churches of course recognize the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

988 Gottfried Brakemeier, "Amt. 8. Außereuropäisch," RGG 9th ed. 6:979-85, where parallels in Roman Catholicism are noted ( . , base communities in Latin America, with their "Ortsgebundenheit," in light of Vatican II's "people of God" theology cf. Faustino Teixeira, "Basisgemeinden in Lateinamerika," 6:6656-57.

76, 75-78, 98, 96, 656, 657 Spiritual Exercises 67, 76 standards 89 statesmen 68 struggle 65, 67, 76-87, 86, 87, 96-99, 55, 58, 56,

697. In 6586, the Reformation was carried through in Denmark, which at that time ruled Norway and Iceland. 898 The previous bishops were replaced in 6587 by "superintendents" 899 for the Danish and Norwegian dioceses, consecrated by Johannes Bugenhagen, city pastor of Wittenberg. While a succession of consecrations was thus broken, the medieval diocesan and cathedral structures were preserved and bishops continued to exercise a ministry of oversight. 855 A significant episcopal continuity or sucessio sedis or localis was preserved.

How is the last paragraph different from the rest of the narrative? Why do you think equiano makes this change? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

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