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Scientific Research Journal (Scirj)

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 18:13

As this claim cut the existing "rule" in half, I found it to be an intriguing finding, so I downloaded the whole report, only to find out that this "new rule" was determined by collecting 6,558 responses to the following survey question:

Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance

End the Performance Shell Game and Improve the Evaluation of Investment Performance –
Use Rolling Returns
Norman Kulla, Kulla & Company

IJERECE - International Journal of Engineering Research in

Performance of Quantitative Versus Passive Investing: A Comparison in Global Markets
Robert C. Dalang, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Christophe D. Osinski, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
and Wolfgang Marty, Credit Suisse Asset Management

Call for Papers | International Journal of Advanced

9. Develop a customer-centric strategy. The true test of whether a company s leaders have successfully created a customer-centric strategy is how well they can connect their company -- their brand, people, and mission and purpose -- with their customers and the community. Gallup s research shows that organizations that accomplish this goal are more likely to stand out in a marketplace that is increasingly congested.

The Role of Conceptual Context in Finding the Rate of Return
Yuri Shestopaloff, ., Segment Soft Inc.
Konstantin Shestopaloff, Segment Soft Inc.

Performance Attribution of Money-Weighted Return without Rebalancing to Strategy Allocation
Rafael Bischof, Cantaluppi & Hug
Laurent Cantaluppi, Cantaluppi & Hug and
Regula Walser, Cantaluppi & Hug

The Green Zone assessing the Quality of Returns
Robert B. Litterman, ., Goldman Sachs
Jacques Longerstaey, Goldman Sachs
Jacob D. Rosengarten, Goldman Sachs
Kurt Winkelmann, ., Goldman Sachs
and Paul R. Laubscher, IBM Retirement Fund

The Roundtable Interview
Ian Thompson, Microgen Asset Management Solutions David Yuska, CAPS
Mark Elliott, SS& C Technologies Remco van Eeuwijk, Wilshire Associates
Joe McDonagh, Eagle Investment Systems Greg Stewart, Mellon Analytical Solutions
and Mark Bramley, Statpro

Your actual numbers don't really matter. The point is that no one number could possibly be the answer -- at least until Web pages start regularly having response times fewer seconds. Until then, what you are measuring is a combination of your current expectations about Web page response time and your determination to accomplish tasks via the Web.

Investment Performance Measurement and Probability Distribution of Pension Assets,
Liabilities and Surplus
Dan diBartolomeo, Northfield Information Services

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