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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 08:04

For her master s thesis, she is researching the history of transnational adoption of Korean adoptees in the . after the Korean War. She is specifically interested in the development of regulatory social welfare legislation and the role played by . Catholic groups and other nongovernmental agencies in facilitating adoptions.

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My scholarly interests generally revolve around marginalized communities such as the Siddis, Adivasis, and Dalits. During my time at Columbia and the LSE, I hope to sharpen my understanding of caste, nationalism, and revolution.

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Professor John Levack Drever
Professor of Acoustic Ecology and Sound Art, Head of Unit for Sound Practice Research, Admissions Tutor for MMus Sonic Arts

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Once you have discussed and shaped your project, and the staff member concerned has provisionally agreed to supervise you, you should draft a formal research proposal and personal statement. The former should be about 6,555 words long, and should outline your project, describing your research questions, methods, and context – this part comprising a literature review, and a statement as to how your work will seek to make an original contribution to knowledge. The personal statement should outline the reasons you want to carry out the project, your longer-term plans as a researcher, and the ways that you see your work as fitting into and being supported by our Department.

After graduation Laurel took a job at Choate Rosemary Hall, an independent boarding school in Connecticut, teaching history and political science, coaching crew, and serving as a form dean. While at Choate she was also involved with the critical issues forum at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, CA. Laurel used her summers to travel extensively, working with educational initiatives and NGOs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Her work abroad cultivated her interest in examining the legacy of internal and external conflict on societies and examining. read more

Margaret spent the first two and half years of her college experience studying physics and working in a nuclear physics lab before discovering an interest in history while studying abroad in London. One particular course she took while abroad provided her with an in-depth overview of Britain&rsquo s journey to join the European Union just before the British people voted to leave it. Through seeing such a tangible example of the present day implications of historical. read more

Her research interests include: Mexican history, indigenous history, and the Spanish language. Her dissertation will focus on the cross-empire migration of slave and non-slave loggers from Belize to Yucatan in the late 6755s. Her research will take her to Merida, Seville, and London this summer.

Postgraduate employability: Philosophy Birmingham's Philosophy postgraduates develop a range of skills that are highly desirable in the job market, including: articulacy precise analytical thought clarity rigour in formulating complex problems and the ability to analyse and construct sound arguments.

If you are interested in our postgraduate research programmes in Philosophy, please have a look at our research areas and contact the departmental Director of Research Admissions, Dr Salvatore Florio for advice on formulating your research proposal.

Rather than writing a single book-like thesis examining a single topic, you may instead write a thesis comprising three or four separate (though thematically unified) papers, in the style of philosophy journal articles. Although this style of PhD thesis is very popular at top US departments, and offers many advantages for students, it is rare in the UK. The advantages of this option include:

An unlikely attraction: Like charges normally repel each other. That’s not the case at the interface between air and water. This is where Dr. Matthew Brown's group, Surface Science and Technology, observed an unusual phenomenon with nanoparticles, and found an explanation. Read more

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