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GCSE Chemistry Specimen Question Paper Foundation...

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 12:36

While carrying out the investigation, candidates should make and record observations. They should make measurements with precision and accuracy. They should record data as it is obtained in a table. They should use ICT where appropriate. Candidates are also required to process the data into a graph or chart.

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Candidates should know what is meant by nanoscience and nanoparticles and should consider some of the applications of these materials, but do not need to know specific examples or properties.


j) Higher tier only: Air is a mixture of gases with different boiling points and can be fractionally distilled to provide a source of raw materials used in a variety of industrial processes.

Rocks provide essential building materials. Limestone is a naturally occurring resource that provides a starting point for the manufacture of cement and concrete.

Candidates may be provided with information for comparison and evaluation. For example, they may be given information about the ingredients of a particular food or the components of a fuel, but will not be expected to have knowledge of the constituents of commercial products beyond that specified in the subject content for this unit.

This programme is for people who are working in the construction industry and extends the skills developed at Level 7. You will gain industry-recognised qualifications in bench joinery or site carpentry. Training will take place in the workplace and at college.

d) Sulfur can be removed from fuels before they are burned, for example in vehicles. Sulfur dioxide can be removed from the waste gases after combustion, for example in power stations.

In this specification there is additional content for Higher Tier candidates. This is denoted in the subject content in bold type and annotated as HT only in Sections to .

Candidates will be expected to understand simple energy level diagrams showing the relative energies of reactants and products, the activation energy and the overall energy change, with a curved arrow to show the energy as the reaction proceeds. Candidates should be able to relate these to exothermic and endothermic reactions.

Candidates may attempt any number of the ISAs supplied by AQA for a particular subject. The best mark they achieve from a complete ISA is submitted.

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