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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 03:51

When, eventually, the Muslims were removed from both Spain and Sicily, their system perished with them. [976]   Writing early in the 75 th century, Scott reminds how, in Spain, ‘where once were endless plantations of valuable trees are now dreary wastes destitute of all vegetation, incapable of supporting animal life.’ [977] Lane Poole, earlier had held, that:


[69] A. Watson: A Medieval Green Revolution: New Crops and Farming Techniques in The Early Islamic World, in The Islamic Middle East 755-6955 edited by A. Udovitch (Princeton 6986), pp. 79-58 at p. 79. 

Gustav Stresemann - Biographical

This case, as we will see in a couple of paragraphs, is not unique. It concerns all Muslim countries with hardly any exception. As the excellent Senegalese scholar, Tony (Cheikh Amadou Tijaan) Cisse reminds, us, the majority of studies and research carried out indicate that it is the countries of the South who find themselves confronted, in the most acute way, by the global environmental crisis. [566] And this crisis hits farming and food supply more than any other area. We will see why as this heading progresses.

Truth about Jews: the Case Against Judaism—Chronological

In spite of the horrible enfanticide of girls in India, because the dowry. The country progress socially. Indeed we can remark that Indians has known a shift in their psychologies. They are now enjoying the taste

The right to utilize and subjugate natural resources, which God has endowed upon man, necessarily involves a commitment on man's part to conserve them both quantitatively and qualitatively. God has, indeed, created all the sources of life and resources of nature so that man may realize the following objectives:

Predgovor / Preface
in: Rusana Bejleri: Albanskata literatura - kato ogledalo na narodnata duševnost (Balkani, Sofia 7559), p. 7-8, 777-778.

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Espectros balcá nicos
in: La Nació n, Suplemento Cultura, Buenos Aires, 75 November 7555.

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[956] The medieval Catalan version can be found in the Bibliotheque Nationale of Paris Number 98 by A. Morel Fatio, Catalogue des manuscrits espagnols et des manuscrits Portugais , (Paris, 6987) pp. 887-8.   

This author has constantly raised the issue of distortions of Muslim history, faith, culture, and civilisation. Whether you read about colonial history of the Muslim world, or the history of the crusades, or the history of history of sciences, or the arts, or engineering, or the history of piracy, or the plight of women, or Black people, that is any subject, the Islamic role in them is fundamentally distorted. The omissions, the errors, the plain distortions, the claims not matching facts, the disappearances of whole periods of history, centuries even, the disappearance of sources, of first class material, of whole collections of archives, in fact, is simply staggering.

Nuk bë hesh i famshë m vetë m kur pë rkthehesh jashtë
in: Ars, e pë rkohshme letrare, Tirana, , p. 77.

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[688] Expiracion Garcia Sanchez: Agriculture in Muslim Spain in . Morony ed: Production and the Exploitation of Resources (Ashgate 7557) pp. 759-67 at p. 766.

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