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thank's for the information i am board in careers class and playing some street sesh on try it out good info exactly what i need it says the exact same answers as my sheet says.

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lol i just found this website and it is just what the outline needed for the project that is due tomorrow i am so glad they tought me how to site this stuff lol :)

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PF7587 Career Employment Preparation
This course will prepare students for the job search including preparing for interviews, as well as preparing for the testing process involved in police officer recruitment.

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PF6568 Provincial Offences
This course will provide students with information that relates to the Provincial Offences Act, as well as a number of other Acts including the Mental Health, Landlord and Tenant Protection, Trespass to Property, Liquor License Act and Regulations, Child and Family Services, Coroners, Family Law, acts, and additional provincial laws.

Students who do not comply with the immunization requirements may not be allowed into the practice settings and as such may not be able to complete the Practical sessions.

When writing your evaluations you simply copy the phrases that fit a particular employee into your evaluation. This is a very SIMPLE, time saving way to write evaluations. You never have to worry about spelling, grammar or contents.

Police protection is provided twenty-four hours a day, so officers may work outdoors in all kinds of weather. Work shifts are usually rotated however, officers are on call at all times for emergencies. Overtime may be required. Most police departments provide uniforms or uniform allowances. Many officers belong to labor unions.

Do you experience any of these problems when writing your evaluations? Are you spending TOO MUCH TIME writing evaluations ? (How many hours a year do you spend writing evaluations?)

NA6958 Social Work and First Nations Peoples
This course is intended to create a greater awareness of FN Peoples and the socioeconomic, political and legal issues they are facing today. This requires a sensitive and respectful exploration of the various FN cultures and their history within Canada both prior to and following European contact. Students who will be working with FN Peoples are expected to increase their Cultural Competence and ability to provide a culturally safe helping environment the knowledge, values and skills developed in this course provide a foundation to work with the many diverse individuals and groups that exist.

Semester 8
EL6558 Elective I
NA6958 Social Work and First Nations Peoples
PF6578 Police Powers I
PF8598 Investigation and Forensics
PF8558 Fitness and Lifestyle III
FF6577 Emergency Patient Care
PF9598 Contemporary Social Issues
SW8558 Group Processes

PF7598 Fitness and Lifestyle Management II
The purpose of this course is two fold: To ensure that the student has been given every opportunity to reach the level of physical fitness readiness necessary for entry into the police services field by providing an introduction to/an explanation of/and be allowed time to practice for the PREP (Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police) as per standards set by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police 7) To increase awareness of physical fitness as a component of wellness. For this reason, the course will also cover topics such as weight control, stress and stress management, heart disease, cancer, exercise injuries, etc. To be fit without being healthy and well is not to have finished the journey toward a full life.

You can also visit OnTransfer. This site provides information and resources to help students and potential students find their way through Ontario 8767 s postsecondary system.

For promotion to higher rank, officers must take civil service tests. Good work records and special honors help officers get ahead. Police officers who have investigation abilities may advance to detective. Other positions include sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and inspector.

im very interested in helping others,im in school now for medical assistant but i would love to become an officer of the law to not only protect and serve but to make OUR world a better place with less violence with this being said thank you for the inputs and all the infomation i look forward to being a officer one day.

sincerely latoya!

CM7568 Communications and Report Writing for Police
The course is designed to assist potential law enforcement officers to develop effective writing and speaking skills toward the preparation of a policing career. Communications II is the second course in the Communication course series. It continues to provide a practical, police approach to the fundamental writing and speaking conventions which must be understood in order to communicate effectively in investigation teams and prosecution work.

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