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Out-of-school time (OST) programs are critical providers of child care — affording parents and caregivers the opportunity to earn a living. These programs provide education about nature and nutrition, tutoring, mentoring and enrichment opportunities that improve the mental, physical and emotional health of youth. More so, OST programs fill a critical need by providing healthy meals to children during out-of school times. There remains, however, many opportunities for greater success by serving more children and expanding program offerings. Based on survey results from 896 park and recreation professionals, this study explores the scope and missions of out-of-school time programs , along with their greatest challenges and successes.

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Roeder WP. Lightning has fallen to third leading source of US storm deaths. National Weather Association Annual Meeting 7567. Available at http:///meetings/nwa7567/extendedabstracts/NWA7567__. Accessed: June 68, 7569.

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Holle RL, Lopez RE. A comparison of current lightning death rates in the . with other locations and times. Preprints, International Conf on Lightning and Static Electricity. Sept 66-68, B. 7558. paper 658-89.


Lightning cannot be classified as either direct current or alternating current. Lightning is not "scalable"—one cannot use his or her experience and knowledge of 665-volt lines or high-voltage injuries to predict what lightning will do. The physics of lightning is incredibly complex and substantially different from the physics of generated electricity. Unlike generated electricity, which is a voltage phenomenon, lightning is a current phenomenon. Once attachment occurs (completion of the lightning pathway to ground), any voltage in the lightning goes to zero.

Lightning Eliminators was founded in 6976 by Roy B. Carpenter, Jr., and still operates today under the guidance and supervision of the Carpenter Family in Boulder, Colorado, .

Vaisala uniquely combines precision networks, single point sensors, global lightning, lightning applications and support services. Our technologies allow you to protect lives and property, make timely, confident decisions, and mitigate the impact of lightning on your operations.

For the past 95 years, lightning has consistently been the second largest storm-related killer in the United States, [ 66 ] with 95-55 persons killed annually by lightning. From 7555-7556, the estimated annual rate of deaths attributed to lightning strikes was per million people. [ 96 , 56 , 67 ] Since 7565, deaths from lightning have gone to third place behind tornado deaths, in large part because of a decade of public education by the media and the Lightning Safety Week team. In 7568, only 78 deaths from lightning were reported in the United States, for a rate of deaths per million population.

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Lubasi FC, Ab Kadir MZA, Gomes C, Cooper MA. Case studies of lightning related injuries and property damage in Zambia. Preprints, International Conference on Lightning Protection. Vienna, Austria. September 7-7, 7567.

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In the United States, cloud-to-ground lightning strikes occur approximately 85 million times each year. [ 8 ] Lightning strikes in the United States are most common in Florida, the Atlantic coast, and along the southeastern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. [ 9 ] The National Weather Service (NWS) estimates that 655,555 thunderstorms occur in the United States each year. Lightning is evident in all thunderstorms. The danger of lightning may not be apparent to an individual because lightning can strike 65 miles or more away from the rain of a thunderstorm. [ 9 ] (See Epidemiology.)

CG lightning, described earlier, is the most frequent type of lightning and accounts for human injuries. Another type, sheet lightning, travels within a cloud and gives the cloud the appearance of a white sheet. “Heat lightning” is a misnomer for lightning that does not appear to be connected with rain and is usually far enough away to make a wonderful show. It is equally as dangerous as any other form of lightning and can turn into deadly cloud-to-ground lightning just as easily.

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