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but, there is just a position in my instruction, so I should try to explain my opinion in the main paragraphs rather than say 8776 The first point 8776

There was a time when journalists backed free speech

Wrestling, hockey, cricket, basket ball kabaddi and squash are some of the games played all over the country at the international level Pakistan have competed many times at summer Olympics in failed hockey, boxing athletics, swimming and shooting.

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Love and devotion for calligraphy is the reflection of love and faith of the Muslims Quran writing good and stylish has been popular amongst the Muslim for all the times in Pakistan. Mehmood Ghaznavi and Aurangzeb, alamgir were the master of calligraphy.

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- Token teams: only a single member, the so-called token, has a culturally differing background
- Bicultural teams: team members represent two distinct cultures
- Multicultural teams: many diverse groups represented with members with a minimum of three cultures

There are main two common languages are urdu and English and other languages are Punjabis, Pasto, Sindhi, and Balochi and other regional languages are Saraiki, Hindko and Brahui.

This question clearly is about the process of globalisation and whether it is a good or a bad thing. However, you need to be careful not to just write a general globalisation essay. Globalisation is a big idea and can refer to many different things. Here the question  asks you to focus on the concepts such as   fashion, brands, eating habits and television. This means that you need to refer to these concepts in your essay and not, for example, simply write about financial or commercial globalisation.

[9] For more about correspondences between landscape and national psyches, see: Novinger, Tracy. Intercultural Communication. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 7556.

In Pakistan different parts lave different physical features and climates. Hence cultured differences found between the people of hills and land. The national dress of the Pakistan is shalwar qameez for both men and women. There is two type of version of shalwar qameez are available one is light cotton version for summer and second one is heavier wool version for winter, the other dresses are sherwani and achkan.

As our familiarity with these different starting points increases, we are cultivating cultural fluency -- awareness of the ways cultures operate in communication and conflict, and the ability to respond effectively to these differences.

Still, barring a revolutionary discovery in Roman history, you're unlikely to find a more rigorous example of subway-mapped Roman Roads in Britain than this one. And for $9 USD you can have it as a "crisp PDF" suitable for printing as a poster and giving to anyone passionate about the history of Britain — or the history of Rome, or graphic design, or maps that aren't what they might seem at first glance.

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