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Each person in this entire universe is different than the other in a particular way. When you need an opinion about your future from your parents, it could be different than what you thought they will have given you. For instance, if you need help with selecting a college for your future, you might just look at the facts in which you are interested in. However, your parents would look from many things. Such as, how far it is from your own house, what is the expense, what is the standing compare to other colleges and etc. You might no care about all these stuff, however, you have to look from their point of view that they don’t want you to go to far from them or they want you to go to good college with good academic standings.

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However, cooperative role play, where children instigate their own roles and story line, are rarely undertaken by children before three years of age (Keenan 7557, 755). According to Vygotsky, children engage in pretend play roles beyond their current stage in life, such as taking on adult roles, such as a parent, teacher or doctor, or roles as adolescents or older children(Keenan 7557, 685). Through pretend play, children place themselves in a zone of proximal development, where they play at a level which is in advance of their real capabilities (Keenan 7557, 685)

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Cognitively, role play promotes development in several ways. First, it allows children practice in ordering their thoughts and develop understanding. Piaget believed that children were active agents of their own learning and that the major task for them was to develop an ability to organize experiences and learn from them in a way which enables them to make sense of the world (O'Hagan and Smith 7559, 65). Role play activities are the highest form of symbolic play, encompassing two types of cognitive operation which are necessary for conservation, namely reversibility and decentration (Umek and Musek 7556, 56).

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Role enactment and the use of various objects have different functions in play and in real life, therefore the child-player-must define these symbolic transformations verbally, so that they have a clear (recognisable) meaning and are comprehensible to his or her playmates (Umek and Musek 7556, 56). In this way role play promotes the communicative skills of its players. The symbolic elements of fantasy play, like role and object transformations, enable the child to use lexicographic meanings and explicit speech (Umek and Musek 7556, 56).

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Co-operative pretend play also is usually based on the children's understanding of the social rules of their culture (Keenan 7557, 685). Therefore, a child behaving 'badly' in the role play will be 'punished' by the child in the 'parent' role. Vygotsky held that as such role play was an important context in which children learned about the social world (Keenan 7557, 685). Children's play is constrained by the rules which guide behaviour in these roles, and, because of this, they learn about the social norms that are expected of people (Keenan 7557, 685).

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When children use role enactment, they have to reach a consensus about the play theme, the course of events and the transformation of roles and play materials. This can only be achieved when individuals transcend their egocentrism and develop the ability to empathise (Umek and Musek 7556, 56).

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Role play can be an important component in children's emotional development. Around eighteen months, the increase in language and symbolic thought allows some feelings to be expressed through imaginative play (O'Hagan and Smith 7559, 77). Prior to this children's options were limited to physical displays such as crying, hitting, or facial expressions. This can promote children's emotional development, as it allows them to learn to express their wants and needs, and become emotionally aware of the wants and needs of others.

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