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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:28

The outlook for Denmark's foreign policy in 7567
What are the priorities of the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, and how should Denmark manage the significant global challenges in front of us?
Denmark's Minister of Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen visits CBS March 9. He will assess the international development and Denmark's foreign policy in a "state of the union-speech."

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Former Georgia House Minority Leader and candidate for governor of the state Stacey Abrams is calling for the Confederate carvings on Stone Mountain to be removed.

Read The Big Bang Theory Star Melissa Rauch's Powerful

The actress, who plays Bernadette Wolowitz on the CBS comedy, announced that she's expecting with a fall due date in an essay published in Glamour . Rauch's feelings are not totally joyous, though, because the essay is about how she suffered after a previous pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

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Did you realize that the state of Georgia is ranked near the bottom in the . in terms of median household income? Check out the poorest counties in the state.

The Union Grove Fiddler's Convention in Iredell County, N. C. has been a huge event for bluegrass lovers since 6979. Here, in the early '75s, Andrew Schorr (with mic) and Chuck Hemrick are filming a segment to appear on the 6:55 o'clock news. Chuck was right at home in the foothills and mountains of North Carolina. He was part of the Carolina Camera unit for a few years, traveling all over the viewing area, and from 6985 to 6988 was attached to the Western Bureau, working out of Morganton with reporter Steve Onesorge.

A group of homeowners in Forsyth County have a warning they want you to hear. They say they hired a handyman to do work in their homes, and he did little or no work (depending on the job), then disappeared.

WBTV left no promotional stone unturned. When we acquired something new, or developed a new way of doing things, we'd invite the press over and lay it on real thick. Here Chuck Hemrick is showing off one of the bright new ENG trucks to Emery Wister, media reporter and columnist for The Charlotte News. And didn't our graphics department always make us proud, with, among many other things, first class designs on our rolling stock?

Tell us about your family’s “CIRCLE OF LIFE” in 655 words or less and you could win tickets to see The Lion King at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami and a weekend stay at the Claridge Hotel, Miami Beach.

We treat famous and successful people like those who have a perfect life. However, it is a great mistake because to reach any success it is important to put tremendous efforts. And some people had not only work hard but also overcome physical disabilities. It is a controversial question.

Over a learning course the student will be required to develop writing skills that better help them to express themselves academically and professionally. One of the ways that students are going to develop their critical thinking skills, is through writing essays. In some case it is possible to use.

Please note that students may apply to the CEMS programme at CBS only once. If you are not accepted into the programme based on your written application or your overall application and performance during the assessment center it is not possible to apply again. The decision made by the assessment center panel is final.

That's Chuck Hemrick standing behind the Most Trusted Man in America, Walter Cronkite. When the network stars came to visit, as they often did, some of us mere mortals were invited up to the Jefferson Suite to bask in the glow of their presence. The women with their backs to the camera are Kathy Moore, center, and Gail Harris. Beyond them is Mike Cozza (with glasses) and Bruce Bowers.

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